Pilates – Californian massage (swedish)

From 10:30 to 11:30, Every mornings, Emeline offer Pilates private tuition or swedish Massages


Private tuition : Morning at 10:00 or afternoon at 14:30
90€ an hour

Swedish Massages

Full body massage : 60 min / 90€
Lower body massage : 30 min / 50€
Back massage : 30 min / 50€
Back and lower body massage : 30min / 50€

Emeline is a professional contempory dancer and state teacher from 2005.
From her body she made a lot of research : Anatomy UV, body movement analysis, Feldenkrai method.
She have a diploma for the californian massage from A-Zen Day School.
This massage is no a therapeutic one, it’s mainly a relaxation massage.