Ayurvedic massages / Hatha Yoga


Native from Val d’Isère, linking together his inspiration for Yoga and his passion for the Montains, David specialize himself in a simple, yet complete Yoga path : Hatha Yoga.

He learned from FFHY, wich is the french Hatha Yoga federation created by Sri Mahesh in 1968.
He’s way to teach yoga is in the right path of the indian tradition.

He also learnt traditional ayurvedic massages from Tapovan, a well known ayurvedic place.

More information about ayurvedic massages and Hatha Yoga.

Ayurvedic Massages

Abhyenga :
The traditional integral massage from Kerala, India. Soothing, with sesame oil.
115€ / 50 minutes

Sapta Sthiti (7 Poses) :
Dynamic full body massage in 7 different positions.
Balance the body and the way we breathe.
115€ / 50 minutes

Ayurvedic Back Massage :
A tradiitonal back massage, to remove back tensions.
60€ / 25 minutes

K.ansu :
Kansu is bowl used in some Indian villages to give foot massages from childers to elders. It’s an energetic massage of the feet, providing deep relaxation to the body and nervous system.
60€ / 25 minutes

Pagatchampi :
Dry massage of the legs. With pressure points we will work on the meridians. Very good for the muscles and joints. A great care after a ski day or any physical activity.
60€ / 25 minutes

Belly: Subtle and delicate massage on the emotional zone. Include drawing of a belly mandala.
Nose : With the use of mustard oil, it cleanse the respiratory system.
Hands : Subtle massage of the fingers and hands wich contains many reflexes zones.
55€ / 25 minutes

Hatha Yoga

On demand yoga courses.
50€ for 1h00 individual session.

More information about ayurvedic massages and Hatha Yoga.